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Tax Planning

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Tax Planning Attorneys

Tax Planning

Tax planning requires foresight—the kind of foresight that requires both a specialized understanding of current laws, and the experience to anticipate the ways these laws may change. Tax planning is more than just minimizing taxes owed in the current fiscal year, it’s about structuring plans and transactions with enough flexibility to reduce total tax liability in the long-run.

DKB was founded in 1964 as a two-person law firm specializing in areas of practice where tax consequences were dominant considerations and the focus on tax-related matters has continued through the growth and expansion of the firm.

DKB’s longstanding focus on its tax practice lends itself to its other areas of practice, including business sales, mergers and acquisitions, business succession planning, and estate planning.

Tax Appeals

As the real estate market in and around Racine and Kenosha Counties evolves, so do the county assessments and appraisals. But, as with any practice, assessments and appraisals are not always perfect. Assessors often use appraisal methods that raise or lower the fair market value of whole neighborhoods at a time, without any specific analysis of a single property. This can cause overvaluation of a home or business property, which can result in substantial and erroneous hike in property taxes until a subsequent appraisal corrects the error.

The attorneys at DKB have a variety of experience in tax appeals work. The experience spans from challenging valuation of commercial properties to defending homeowners against a municipality’s arbitrary valuation methods.


Contact us if you have any questions about how DKB may be able to help you with either tax planning or undertaking tax assessment appeals.

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