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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorneys

From its inception, DKB was built on both its representation of individuals and partners in closely held businesses as well as its support of the individual economic interests of corporate executives and professionals in private practice. The firm was founded in 1964 as a two-person law firm specializing in areas of practice where tax consequences were dominant considerations. Among these practice areas were family business succession planning, estate and tax planning, and probate all of which remain a cornerstone of the firm’s practice over half a century later.

The estate planning attorneys at DKB work closely with individuals and business owners to create everything from simple wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents to the development of complex trust plans that contemplate everything from how to navigate the present tax consequences (income tax, estate tax, and gift taxes), to the future tax consequences that a beneficiary will encounter.

This work may include drafting prenuptial agreements, establishing plans for the sale or retention of family businesses, or planning for the financial security of family members more generally.

In addition to common estate planning offerings, DKB provides living wills and prepares and administers a broad range of trusts, including special needs trusts, charitable trusts, contingent children’s trusts and multigenerational trusts that suit the long-term goals of our clients and their loved ones.

Contact us if you have any questions about how DKB can help you with your Estate Planning.

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