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Business Lawyers in Racine for

All of Your Legal Needs


A Support System

You are likely great at what you do, but still the intricacies of the legal and regulatory world can seem foreign. When you’re faced with tough legal litigation or need help planning for the future of your business, you deserve a strong business lawyer. The team at DKB is here to help you navigate the business legal system with decades of experience and a reputation for professionalism and success. Click here to learn more about our general business representation services here.

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Proven Success

Sometimes you don’t know what you need, but you know you need something. Come meet with us, ask your questions, get practical advice, and help us to help you find solutions for your business based on our 50 plus years of experience as a business law firm in the community. We will create a plan that fits your individual or organizational goals based on our 50-plus years of insight in the Racine area.

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Years of Experience

You wouldn’t build a house without at least consulting with a carpenter (unless you’re a carpenter, of course). Likewise, you shouldn’t build a business without talking to some professional business-builders. Our team of business lawyers at DKB have helped our clients build, maintain and, repair businesses for over half a century and we’re here to share the lessons we’ve learned along the way!

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